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Local Government Leadership

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Why do we need a revolution in Local Government Leadership?


…the role of local government is changing

…the expectation gap between what the community expects and LG’s capacity to deliver is growing

…expenses are on the up, revenue is on the down

…leadership expertise on the Council Executive is developing through longer term investment, but Council ‘Boards’ haven’t had the same investment


The key challenge:  community expectation has evolved faster than delivery capability!

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What Local Government wants?

A community that loves its Council!

And we believe that a viable pathway to this goal is through mastery….our Councillors must become Masters of Advocacy – because they are the drivers of change and must facilitate the motivation and mobilisation of community resources; our Council Executive must become Master Mentors – because they are the drivers of action and implementation; and our LG Administration (employees) must become Master Coaches – because they are the ones having the conversations and hence the ability to truly influence community perception and expectation.

Mastery is the key!

What Local Government REALLY wants?

To get stuff done!

It’s a vicious cycle…behaviour is driven by mindset, which directs focus, which create behaviour.  It’s a cycle that must be disrupted and redirected!


REWIRING is the key!

There are just 3 critical elements…

Cultivating a mindset of ADVOCACY…ensuring ALIGNMENT of stakeholder focus and attention..and empowering value-add behaviour through a culture of AUTONOMY create the foundation for better relationships, useful debate, useful decisions and better outcomes for your community.


Every 90 days or so these elements need to be unpacked and RESET for a new 90 day sprint!

Is that what you want too?

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About the LG Revolutionaries

Michelle Loch  Nominated for two Testra business Women’s Awards – 2014 and 2015 – Michelle works with individuals and organisations to REWIRE their leadership approach to meet the needs and demands of modern humans and the modern world! She is an expert in neuroloeadership, an emerging field of study that takes the latest in social cognitive neuroscience and applies it in a practical way to the art of leadership. Her passion is helping organisation to have the powerful conversations that will influence behaviour and create change!

Chris Phillips – As an expert in Human Capital, Chris coaches, trains and mentors executives, senior executives and Boards to develop themselves to the best they can be, and to get the most from their staff. His career spans state and local governments as well as the private sector where he has held senior executive roles for a number of years.  The thing that gets him out of bed every day is the opportunity to develop people into stars in their own right!